AppsLearn MV is an another innovation project in education industry. It helps promoting patriotism and nationalism through songs and music video.

Education is one of the main medium which in role to help developing the human capital to be more knowledgeable, positive ethics, patriotism, competent and high skilled to fill the needs of the country.

Patriotism is generally defined as the feeling of love or devotion to one’s country. When we claim to be patriotic, what do we actually mean? One must realise that being patriotic should not be limited to only putting up a flag or merely standing up for the national anthem.

The spirit of patriotism entails a deeper reason for these actions. Being patriotic also requires a feeling of wanting what is best for the nation and doing things that would make the nation proud.

Enizahura Binti Abdul Aziz, The Star

Our favourite Malaysian patriotic songs including Tanggal 31, Keranamu Malaysia, Jalur Gemilang and many more.

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